What can Cy.Pro.Tek do for you and your business ?

We provide truly actionable advice related to security; risk; governance; policy; business continuity; audit and data protection to UK businesses of all sizes and across numerous industrial sectors.

Through the use of our packaged services we have been able to provide cost-effective security and risk capabilities to our client partners and in doing so they have been able to plan and address identified issues in a methodical and prioritised way.  


Additionally we have helped some of our client partners to establish internal management systems, define and implement controls, undertake independent auditing and ultimately gain … and maintain … certification to a number of the international ISO standards and UK Government programmes.

What is our approach ?

For Cy.Pro.Tek this is all about building lasting relationships with our client partners, enabling them to implement the processes and structures to not only address information security risks, but in doing so support better informed business decisions.

We have a team with a breadth of experience and subject matter expertise, covering the following areas:

  • risk and security management; 
  • IT and Cyber Security capabilities - including trouble-shooting and problem fixing;
  • Business Continuity and Resilience;
  • policy frameworks; 
  • ISO27001 and ISO22301 compliance; 
  • project management; 
  • IT systems engineering.

Our clients - and our potential clients - drive what  we do.

We have a tried and tested approach which we know our clients appreciate.





We have developed a suite of services to rapidly identify and help address common IT and Security related problems businesses face today.

  • information security risk review for your business
  • detailed review of information security controls
  • business continuity and resilience review
  • off-the-shelf policies to support your business needs
  • supply chain risk and security assessments

Want to know more ? 

Cy.Pro.Tek would be delighted to discuss any IT related topic with you.

and see how we can help you become more risk-aware and secure.